Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is another blog I created. I am going to keep track of my multi-sport progress. I've recently gotten into the hobby of running 5K's, biking/cycling, and triathlons. I have ran one 5K, and did that in 50 minutes. I have also just recently completed my first 15 mile bike ride, here locally in Bleckly county Ga. That took me an hour and a half. Lets see if I can improve on those times, and - the ultimate goal - to complete my first triathlon.

Running and biking long distances has always fascinated me. I have always wanted to run long distances but never thought I could. This is not only a hobby but something that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do. Everyone has that something in their lives, some goal or event that they want to complete to test themselves and see what they are made of.

For instance I have a friend whose goal was to perform in play. It was not only performing in a play but a way for him to find inner confidence. He then tried out for a local play, made a supporting actor role, and then performed the play in front of family, friends, and complete strangers. It was something he wanted to do to prove to himself he could, and guess what, he did.

For me, running is this obstacle. I always tried to run growing up, but was never that good, so I ended up just not pursuing it. I was much happier staying indoors. I tried again in college, but that didn't go so well because I started at a pace that was unmanageable. So, a couple years later when my friend at work, Christina, said she wanted to train for a triathlon, I figured - this is my chance. I will create a training plan and slowly build myself up to the runner I want to be.

So I started speed walking three times a week on the treadmill at work. Then later, I started spin classes on Wednesdays. O'man, was that an eye opener. Anyone wanting to test themselves, just take spin class. I literally couldn't walk down the stairs after the first class. I had to have help getting to my car, because my knee muscles would not hold my weight. They were like jello. But you know what, I took a week off to recover, and then was back in spin class. After a couple of weeks I found I could make it down the stairs by myself and that my running was improving. My legs were getting stronger.

This led me to buy my bike, and enter my first 15 mile bike ride. I was nervous that morning, but had friends to ride with, so that made it better. It was very cold when we started, but I didn't care. I wanted to prove that I could do it. An hour and a half, and a couple of steep hills, later I had made it. And it felt great.

The next goal will be my first triathlon.

I hope people can track my progress and maybe even join in on the fun. So if you feel like training with me, let me know!

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