Wednesday, March 3, 2010

15 Mile Bleckley Bike

Here is a photo of me at my 15 mile Bleckley county bike ride. My friend and co-worker Debby did the 30 mile, and some people were even doing the 60 mile path. I figured I'd just do fine on the 15 mile, lol. No need to push it.

I did pretty good, an hour and a half. I learned a lot though, like I need tight pants. I ripped a hole in my loose pants because the bottoms kept hitting the gears. I also need to get a water bottle holder cage or camel pack water holder, because my water bottle fell out of my hoody pouch on a hill, and there it was rolling down the road with me. I had to stop, chase after it, pick it up, and the hobble back to my bike to finish the ride, lol !

It felt good to do my first ride. Maybe my next one I'll be strong enough to do a 30 mile. We shall see.

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