Monday, January 17, 2011

Museum of Aviation 5K - 2011

I did the Museum of Aviation 5K again this year. The first time I did it I finished in about 50 minutes and walked most of the time. This time I wanted to run the entire thing and do it in about 30 minutes. I did run the entire distance! No stopping :)

My official stats:
Official time= 35:52, pace per mile= 11:33, 26th place in my age group

So not bad for a year's difference.

I've also finally started to run more, which I attribute to me being able to run the entire 5K. I started running with a group that meets every Sunday at 9am at the Bare Bulb Coffee shop in Bonaire where I live. It's great to have people to run with and we can encourage and learn from each other.

I have also biked more. I have started doing spin class twice a week; Monday's and Wednesday's. I really have gotten addicted to spin. I just feel so good afterwards. It's always worth the sweat, and my back side has never looked better, ha!
I also have been biking outside with my friend Lisa. Last ride we did 20 something miles, and we plan to do many more.

I guess the only thing I have to do now is start swimming again. Swimming and running were the two areas of my triathlons I needed to work on. Swimming the most, so when I finally schedule my first triathlon for this year, I'll have to set up a swimming plan. Definitely need to put in more laps this time.

Besides all the running, biking, and swimming (oh my! lol) I ordered the P90X system. I ordered it on Amazon and got a great deal, and free shipping. Unfortunately I ordered it early this January and I just got it today. The snow we received in GA slowed everything down, including UPS. It was nice to have a snow day in the south though, so I can't complain too much.

I will try to update this blog with my progress on the P90X program. I'm hoping to be able to do at least one chin up after all the hard work. I have never been able to do a chin up or pull up, ever, in my life. I would like to build the upper body strength, finally, to meet this goal. Also, the strength training will 0nly help my triathlon training, so I am excited.