Saturday, May 8, 2010

Training Update- May 2010

I have not posted in a while so I thought I spend some time re-capping my training.
I have been mostly running and walking. At least three days a week I have been walking the 3 mile trail with David. He walks fast so this is a good workout even if I am not running. I have started to run more on the treadmill lately because the humidity is getting to be to much. I can run, with short 5 minute walking breaks, 2 miles in 30 minutes. This seems to be my normal pace. I need to work on speed and longer running portions so I can get to 3 miles in 30 minutes. This is my mid-term goal.

I need to get more bike and swimming time in somewhere. I am going to do a June biking event at work called the "Tour de Moose". Weird name I know, lol, but it is a biking century on Base and the Air Force Museum. I will be doing the shorter route, but still it will be longer than I've ever gone on bike. Need to start going to spin class again to train!

I am also going to try to get into Kettle-bells. David does these to stay in shape. I think a nice women's set will be fine. I need to do something to strength train. I think this could be fun, and less monotonous than a gym weight lifting workout. Kettlebells are the Russian strong-man way of building strength and rock hard muscles. How can I go wrong with that, lol. I'll have to save some money and buy a set. The link I have provided is the best brand of kettlebell, and David highly recommends it. And if anyone is thinking about doing kettlebells, please get the guy from the website's book and read it from front to back before deciding. He gives really good advice and 'get ready' tips. I need to start that soon, lol.

Anyways, that is my training for now. Mostly running and walking, need to get more bike and swim into my routine, and want to start Kettlebells. Avior.